Major Partnerships

The Foundation for Rabbit Free Australia is committed to working with, and assisting, like-minded people and organisations – be they businesses, governments, community groups or individuals.

Corporate Sponsors

Haigh’s Chocolates saw the opportunity to use the ‘Bilbies not Bunnies’ concept over Easter. At some considerable risk, Haigh’s phased out Easter chocolate bunnies and have now been rabbit-free for over 10 years. The company pays an annual royalty to RFA for the use of the Easter Bilby concept and has branched out into other Australian species as part of its chocolate offering.

Mutooroo Pastoral Co. has been, and continues to be, a regular donor to RFA as well as being a corporate sponsor, in recognition of the benefits gained from reduced rabbit numbers on its extensive holdings in South Australia’s pastoral zone.

Corporate Members

  • S. Kidman & Co Ltd
  • Todmorden Cattle Company
  • Billa Kalina Pastoral Co
  • Nangwarry Pastoral Co
  • Tupra Pastoral Co
  • Tungkillo Landcare Group

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Adelaide Zoo


ACRE: In 2003, RFA formalised its links with Rotary International’s project, Australian Campaign for Rabbit Eradication (ACRE). ACRE promotes the need for rabbit control through the network of Rotary clubs and awards for rabbit-free properties. ACRE and RFA keep each other informed about their respective activities, with ACRE appreciating RFA’s role in fund raising for research.