Governance & Reports

The Foundation for Rabbit Free Australia is governed by a Committee elected from the Membership. Members may nominate for Committee positions at the AGM each year.

The important role of Patron gives the Foundation credibility as a serious not-for-profit entity grappling a problem with national implications. For this reason, the first Patrons were Governors-General. More recently, Patrons with a strong research background have been invited to play that role.

The current Committee is:

Dr Brian Cooke

Mr Peter Alexander

Mr William Morgan

Mr Nicholas Newland
Mr Deane Crabb
Mr Peter Dunn
Mr Peter Day
Ms Julia Harris
Mr Dean Rasheed
Prof Wayne Meyer

Mr Greg Mutze
Dr Bruce Munday

Executive Officer
Mrs Edwina Grant

Honour Role: Past Chairs and Patrons

Past Chairs

Dr Ed McAlister, AO
Dr Rob Morrison, OAM
Nicholas Newland, AM
Dr Peter Allen, AM
Tim Rogers
Dr John Radcliffe, AM
Nicholas Newland, AM

Past Patrons

The Honourable Bill Hayden
William Deane, AC
Dr Frank Fenner, AC
Adj Prof Brian Cooke, OAM